East Foster Creek


East Foster Creek

Foster Creek

Sep. 30, 2021



Project Goals and Objectives

The initial goals of the project were to improve riparian conditions to benefit mule deer range and migration routes and sage grouse spring rearing habitat. However, there was a large fire that burned most of the Foster Creek watershed in 2020, so now the goals have been expanded to include capture sediment, aggrading channels, and promoting hydrologic conditions that can increase riparian vigor and extent.

Structure Construction Elements

There are a variety of reaches in East Foster Creek including 1) unconfined, intermittent , gravel and sand dominated, 2) deeply incised, and 3) wet meadow reaches. A variety of different low tech approaches are being implemented in these reaches including PALS, BDAs, rock structures, grazing management, and riparian planting. These projects are in a trail phase in 2021 and larger implementation will take place in 2022 based on observed changes after high flows.

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