Nuck Woodward Flood Damage Restoration

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Nuck Woodward Creek

Huntington Creek

Sep. 20, 2021



Project Goals and Objectives

In 2012 a large fire burned much of the Nuck Woodward and surrounding watersheds. Within a month of the fire, a very intense monsoon caused wide-spread incision in the mainstream and tributaries of Nuck Woodward. UDWR installed ~75 BDAs in 2018 to promote sediment capture and repair incised reaches. In 2020, Anabranch Solutions was hired to add additional wood to previously treated areas and new sites to further promote sediment capture. An additional area was treated in 2021 in the upper watershed in meadow habitat to promote ponding and deep water habitat for resident cutthroat trout.

Structure Construction Elements

We used primarily trees harvested on site to build continuous wood loading in deeply incised sections of Nuck Woodward Creek. The wood loading was posted in place every 20-50 m. Large diameter aspen and dead and downed snags from the previous fire were felled and moved into the incision trench to build debris jams and fill the channel.

Project Photos
This project needs a nice cover photo

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