Upper Pataha Creek LTPBR


Pataha Creek


Oct. 29, 2021



Project Goals and Objectives

Pataha Creek is a river-right tributary to the Tucannon River and has a population of ESA listed steelhead. The project on upper Pataha Creek is on private property at the end of Pataha Canyon Lane. The current condition of the project reach is incised (2-6’), simplified habitat, low large wood and pool frequency, low base flows and high temperatures, limited floodplain connection, and poor riparian health and extent. The project goal is to install post-assisted log structures (PALS) and Beaver Dam Analogs (BDAs) to promote increased habitat complexity, potentially increase and extend baseflows, and increase floodplain connectivity and riparian extent. The project was funded by the Salmon Recovery Funding Board and NRCS.

Structure Construction Elements

Implementation consisted of BDAs and PALS. Most wood for PALS was acquired through a partnership with the Umatilla National Forest aimed at reducing fire risk near forest roads. Additional on-site material was used for construction of BDAs and PALS.

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