Tenmile Creek PA65-66-67


Tenmile Creek


Sep. 23, 2020



Project Goals and Objectives

Tenmile Creek (Project Area 65 66 67) is a large-scale habitat improvement project on Tenmile Creek which will be implemented in phases over the course of several years. 2020 construction consisted of PALS (Post Assisted Log Structures) only. 2021 construction will include PALS, and BDAs (Beaver Dam Analogs). Goals include reconnecting side and flood channels throughout, promoting overbank flow, adding structural elements to improve geomorphic function, riparian planting, and control of non-native vegetation. Add LWD throughout to improve hydraulic and geomorphic complexity, increase fish cover and flow refuge, improve sediment sorting, and reduce sediment and LWD transport time.

Structure Construction Elements

PALS, BDA's, Riparian plantings, and invasive species removal.

Project Photos
Photo of Tenmile Creek PA65-66-67

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