Jim Brown BDAs Phase I


Jim Brown Creek

Lolo Creek

Aug. 30, 2021



Project Goals and Objectives

Goals and objectives include: improve meadow hydrology, aggrade incised stream channel, increase instream complexity, improve habitat for ESA listed salmonids, improve resiliency of culturally important vegetation, and increase sediment sorting to reduce the impact of uniformly deposited fine sediment on spawning gravels. The long term goals include recovery of riparian vegetation communities and eventual recolonization by beaver located in adjacent reaches in the Lolo Watershed.

Structure Construction Elements

BDAs and PALS are constructed using a hydraulic post pounder and locally collected materials. The backbone of the structure is conifer poles collected during roadside brushing. Conifer limbs and locally collected willows are utilized for weaving materials. Willows are sparsely used on the banks and along stream bottom, maximizing their survival potential, while conifer limbs and tops make up the bulk of the structure. Structures are not sealed during initial construction, instead allowing fall and spring flow events to mobilize leaves, fine woody material, and stream sediment to fill in the spaces and complete them.

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Photo of Jim Brown BDAs Phase I

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