Kimball Creek 2.0


Kimball Creek

East Canyon/Weber

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Sep. 15, 2021



Project Goals and Objectives

The goals of this project include improving floodplain connectivity, improve habitat for fish and other animals. Thsi project was also part of a carbon sequestration research project, funded by Park City Climate Fund. This project was funded by the Watershed Restoration Initiative and the Park Community Foundation Climate Action Fund. Project partners include the Swaner EcoPreserve, Sageland Collaborative, and Utah State University.

Structure Construction Elements

We built beaver dam analogs (BDAs) using untreated wood posts (2-4" diameter) pounded into the stream-bed at the height of the ordinary high water mark and then filled in by volunteers using on-site materials including sustainably harvested willow branches, mud, rocks, and clumps of sod.

Project Photos
Photo of Kimball Creek 2.0

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