Couse Creek OR


Couse Creek

Walla Walla

Aug. 24, 2023



Project Goals and Objectives

The overall goal of restoration on Couse Creek is to create a healthy and resilient riverscape that supports ecological functions and provides high quality fish habitat. Within this broad management goal, objectives for restoration include: 1) increase the floodplain connectivity, 4) increase perennial surface flow extent during low flow periods, and 5) increase wetland and riparian vegetation extent.

Structure Construction Elements

The restoration design outlines LTPBR actions at river mile 4 on Couse Creek to achieve project goals and objectives. LTPBR practices use simple, cost-effective, hand-built structures that mimic beaver dams (beaver dam analogues) and large wood accumulations (i.e., post-assisted log structures; (Wheaton et al., 2019). These structural elements are being strategically introduced to the stream in a design intended to initiate and amplify natural hydrologic, geomorphic, and biological processes that accelerate the recovery trajectory of Couse Creek and address limiting factors.

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