Tasmam Kojom


Yellow Creek

South Fork Feather River

Oct. 01, 2019



Project Goals and Objectives

Project goals were the usual—floodplain reconnection, channel and habitat complexity, shallower groundwater, etc. All this with eventual beaver re-introduction in mind. Project started in 2019, and we've been building steadily ever since. We’ve built 350 structures on 5+ miles of stream in this meadow so far, and added 7 miles of new water in defined channels at summer flow. We burned less than a barrel of all fossil fuels for implementation. and CDFW re-introduced a family of 7 beavers on the meadow this fall.

Structure Construction Elements

Everything except wicker. We used postless and post-assisted bdas, PALS, one-rock dams, wood jams anchored by living trees, direct felling, grip-hoisted trees, and fire-killed logs hauled to the creek over the snow using a track truck. The kitchen sink, basically.

Project Photos
Photo of Tasmam Kojom

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Project Location