Troy Meadow- Sequoia National Forest

Anabranch Solutions Design and Construction
Trout Unlimited Funding and Coordination


Troy Meadow

Kern River Watershed

Jun. 01, 2023



Project Goals and Objectives

Out goals included increasing native sedge and other meadow species by promoting a sheetflow flow regime through increased floodplain connectivity. We also wanted to create habitat for Beavers and trout, as well as other aquatic species, and increase the meadows overall resiliency to droughts, fires and floods.

Structure Construction Elements

Structures consisted mostly of BDAs but also include PALS for eroding banks and creating lateral flow paths. Hybrid structures were also implemented in sensitive areas, these structures consisted of densely packed leafy materials, compressed with large heavy wood.

Project Photos
Photo of Troy Meadow- Sequoia National Forest

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Project Location