Fitzhugh Meadow


Fitzhugh Creek

Pine Creek South Fork Pit River

Aug. 25, 2020



Project Goals and Objectives

Connect main channel to floodplain channels. Expand willow patches. Carbon storage.

Structure Construction Elements

For this first phase of implementation we constructed 5 BDAs in the high flow dry floodplain channel in anticipation of activation from the main channel structures. Two robust BDAs were built in the main channel just below the "switch". These structures were successful at activating the floodplain channel. Phase 2 of implementation is scheduled for the 2024 season.

Project Photos
Photo of Fitzhugh Meadow

Cover Photo


BDA still functioning to activate high flow channel


Activated channel with BDAs full of water!


BLM staff helping with BDA construction in floodplain channel

Project Location