Grizzly Creek Mine Remediation

The Sierra Fund PM & Monitoring


Grizzly Creek

Middle Yuba River

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May. 23, 2023



Project Goals and Objectives

Historic mining has left the land stripped of its organic soil horizon and latent with mercury. Our goals are to fight erosion and promote conditions for vegetation recovery. Re-establish the organic soil horizon. Limit the distribution of mercury contaminated sediments from leaving the site.

Structure Construction Elements

A mix of Zeedyk structures and PALS to help fight erosion and keep sediments on site. Bio-char check dam experiment. Bio-char will be spread across the bare mineral soils to help jump start soil development and mercury capture. See example picture. We will add some "BDAs" intermittently on slopes to help keep the bio-char from eroding before soil and plant establishment.

Project Photos
Photo of Grizzly Creek Mine Remediation

Cover Photo


Bio-char "BDA" check dam thingy


One rock dam and some PALS


Gully stuffing. Taking time to pack it tight down at the base.

Project Location