Landscape Rehydration at Wildcat Bluff Discovery Center


West Amarillo Creek

West Amarillo Creek

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Jan. 21, 2024



Project Goals and Objectives

Education, research and demonstration of landscape rehydration techniques in the Texas Panhandle, and in particular explore dynamics between surface water and groundwater within the high plains aquifer system.

Structure Construction Elements

We installed leaky weirs and/or natural infrastructure in dryland streams. Most of the structures span the incised channel, to bankfull height, but not all. The primary material used consists of local deadwood - cottonwoods, some hackberry, some cut mesquite and over 300 donated christmas trees. We imported 400 rough cedar stays (1-3" x 5') and 30 logs (5-7' x 7'). We also used a great deal of rope, sisal/jute, primarily 1/2" diameter.

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Photo of Landscape Rehydration at Wildcat Bluff Discovery Center

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