Lower Tepee Creek LTPBR


Tepee Creek

Tepee Creek

Jun. 07, 2022



Project Goals and Objectives

The overall goal of restoration on Tepee Creek is to improve the quality and quantity of habitat for threatened steelhead by promoting sustainable fluvial processes that result in a healthy and resilient riverscape. Within this broad management goal, objectives for restoration include: 1) increase the abundance of beaver dams and large wood accumulations, 2) increase in-channel geomorphic diversity, 3) Increase the proportion of the valley bottom composed of active channel and active floodplain, 3) increase wetland and riparian vegetation extent, diversity, and abundance, and 5) increase perennial surface flow extent during low flow periods.

Structure Construction Elements

The majority of structures were channel spanning PALS constructed from tops of ponderosa pine trees commercially harvested. Bows from standing green conifers were trimmed to be utilized for initial layer in contact with stream bead and to fill voids around logs. A handful of postless log structures and BDAs were constructed using similar materials.

Project Photos
Photo of Lower Tepee Creek LTPBR

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