Van Norden Meadow


South Yuba River and Castle Creek

South Yuba River Watershed

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Aug. 01, 2022



Project Goals and Objectives

This project will result in improved meadow habitat and ecological function, improved hydrologic function, improved water quality and increased summer base flows, increased carbon storage, and the improvement of the overall resiliency of the headwaters of the South Yuba River to changing climatic conditions. The project will also lead to greater scientific understanding of meadow processes which can be applied to meadows and headwater streams across the Sierra region.

Structure Construction Elements

Over 25 BDA's and PALS installed atop 2.75 miles of channel fill to reconnect the meadow floodplain to the streams, increasing the groundwater levels within the meadow. Willow and sedge planting occured in areas where native plant recruitment was desired. In addition, invasive species, reed canary grass and encroaching conifers were removed along the meadow edges.

Project Photos
Photo of Van Norden Meadow

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