Whychus Creek Process Based Restoration Pilot

Anabranch Solutions Design and implementation
Upper Deschutes Watershed Council Project design and management


Whychus Creek


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Oct. 15, 2019



Project Goals and Objectives

This project was implemented as at a pilot level to inform future process-based restoration plans for Whychus Creek. Pilot implementation included 4 treatment complexes consisted of post assisted log structures (PALS) designed to induce lateral channel migration, as well as beaver dam analog (BDA) structures designed to increase low-flow floodplain connectivity, secondary channel aggradation, and beaver occupation.

Structure Construction Elements

PALS were constructed of between 2 and 10 juniper trees which had stem diameters of approximately 8". The juniper were imported from nearby forest thinning projects, and were anchored within the channel using posts. BDA structures were constructed of locally harvested woody deciduous vegetation, and additional channel substrate and dirt were used as fill material. Some BDA structures were built without the use of posts.

Project Photos
Photo of Whychus Creek Process Based Restoration Pilot

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