Little Tucannon River Post-Assisted Log Structures


Little Tucannon River

Tucannon River (HUC 170601070604)

Aug. 01, 2017



Project Goals and Objectives

The overall objective of the Little Tucannon project was to improve habitat complexity (i.e., pools, cover) and floodplain connectivity in the lower Little Tucannon River through the installation of Post-Assisted Log Structures. Increases in LWD densities are expected to promote scour and pool formation, improving over winter habitat and high flow refuge for juveniles, and cover and resting areas for adults. Redistribution of gravels due to scour and deposition are also expected to increase the availability of spawning gravels for adults and cover for juveniles.

Structure Construction Elements

In summer of 2016, 50 PALS were constructed using locally sourced material (mostly pine) in three sections (reaches) of the Little Tucannon River. In 2018, 16 additional structures were built which included felling trees directly into the stream and securing them with posts.

Project Photos
Photo of Little Tucannon River Post-Assisted Log Structures

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Project Location