Tumalum Creek Restoration Using Beaver Relocation


Tumalum Creek

Tumalum Creek (HUC 170601070605)

Aug. 01, 2020



Project Goals and Objectives

The goals of this project are to restore ecologically based stream processes by re-establishing beaver and promoting self-sustaining improvements to steelhead habitat by increasing in-stream habitat complexity, floodplain connectivity, riparian function, and in-stream flows during critical time periods.

Structure Construction Elements

A total of 34 structures were constructed. These structures consisted of 17 BDAs and 17 debris jams. BDAs were constructed from locally sourced material (cottonwood, willow, and mountain maple). Two rows of posts were used for some BDAs, especially at locations where beaver relocation occurred. Posts were cut to approximately 12" above the dam height. Debris jams were constructed from locally sourced downed trees mostly consisting of pine. Some debris jams were secured with a single row of posts (i.e., Channel-Spanning PALS).

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