Birch Creek Stream Restoration - Phase I

This project needs a nice cover photo


Birch Creek

Beaver Watershed, UT

Oct. 16, 2017



Project Goals and Objectives

The goals of the project were to improve instream habitat for Bonneville Cutthroat Trout by creating more geomorphic complexity and habitat quantity (i.e. inundated area), and to increase channel-floodplain connectivity to promote riparian growth. We also wanted to showcase the variety of LTPBR structures that can be built, and different methods of construction. This project was one of the earlier projects to utilize post-less BDAs.

Structure Construction Elements

We built a range of LTPBR structures, including BDAs, channel-spanning PALS, bank-attached PALS, both with and without posts. All materials were harvest on-site and included significant amounts of juniper and more limited amounts of willow.

Project Photos
This project needs a nice cover photo

Cover Photo

Project Location