Grouse Creek Stream Restoration - Phase II

Project on Cotton Creek, Kimbell Creek, Pine Creek


Cotton Creek, Kimbell Creek, Pine Creek

Grouse Creek

Jun. 23, 2017



Project Goals and Objectives

The goals of Phase II were to use lessons learned during the pilot phase (October 2016) to implement a larger scale restoration in three creeks in the upper Grouse Creek watershed. The goals of this project were to 1) create immediate deep water habitat suitable for beaver translocation, 2) increase mesic resources for sage grouse by increasing lateral connectivity and extend the duration and amount of late season streamflow for a working livestock operation.

Structure Construction Elements

We built BDAs and PALS (referred to as 'non-ponding dams' in the design report), composed of materials available on-site including juniper, sagebrush, and willow. We built both post-assisted and post-less structures.

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