Penawawa Creek Instream Habitat Rehabilitation


Penawawa Creek

Snake River

Sep. 30, 2017



Project Goals and Objectives

The goal of the project was to (1) improve in-channel habitat for salmonids, (2) increase sediment sorting to reduce the impact of uniformly deposited fine sediment on spawning gravels, and (3) encourage channel widening and inset floodplain development to improve water storage and increase the success of future riparian planting efforts.

Structure Construction Elements

We constructed six channel spanning, 23 bank attached, and one mid-channel post-assisted log structures (PALS). We used donated large woody debris from the USFS from the Umatilla Forest. Untreated wooden fence posts were used to secure the wood in place. Generally the channel spanning structures were used to force over bank flows at high flow, the bank attached PALS were used to widen the stream and/or force scour pools, and the mid-channel structure was used to split flow in wide shallow areas.

Project Photos
Photo of Penawawa Creek Instream Habitat Rehabilitation

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