Tenmile Creek Design and Implementation

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Tenmile Creek

Snake River

Sep. 30, 2020



Project Goals and Objectives

Large portions of the project are dominated by cobble and boulder stream beds that go dry or near dry every summer. The upper and lower portions of the project are partly to mostly confined with narrow valley bottoms and well developed riparian areas dominated by alder. The middle portion of the project has a wide valley bottom but almost no riparian vegetation. The restoration goals are to improve salmonid rearing and spawning habitat, reconnect the floodplains where possible (i.e., Stage 0) and where not possible to reconnect portions of the floodplain while protecting infrastructure (i.e., Stage 8), promote perennial flow in the project area, and enhance and expand the current riparian habitat.

Structure Construction Elements

The proposed actions are focused on addressing the structural starvation of the project areas by adding large woody debris (LWD) using low-tech process-based restoration methods such as post-assisted log structures (PALS) and beaver dam analogs (BDAs).

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This project needs a nice cover photo

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