Edward Sargent WMA BDA

Project on Rio Chamita

New Mexico

Rio Chamita

Rio Chama

Jul. 09, 2020



Project Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of our project was to promote and create self sustaining riparian vegetation growth. Elk have browsed the existing vegetation to the point where vegetation died and the stream became incised (anthropogenic uses contributed to the decline of the watershed) and disconnected from the floodplain. The secondary goal of the project is to reconnect the floodplain in order to promote riparian vegetation growth which could ultimately cool the stream and increase pools in order to sustain a fishery. This project is a phased project and Phase 1 was completed in July 2020.

Structure Construction Elements

Post-assisted BDA's using willow and spruce that were harvested onsite. PAL's and AL's using willow, oak, and spruce that were harvested onsite. Exact counts of each construction element is unknown at this time.

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