Union Peak Simulated Beaver Structures, Copper Mountain Ski Area, CO (1994 - 1996)

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10-Mile Creek (headwaters)

Blue River

Sep. 20, 1995



Project Goals and Objectives

Reduce erosion and channel incision: Restore anabranch system in headwaters of a high-altitude tributary to Ten-mile Creek where the wetland complex was eroding/incising and widening to form one “main” channel through the tundra.

Structure Construction Elements

Small scale BDA: Live willow fences were created from willow cuttings collected onsite and installed at 4 locations. Vertical cuttings were installed across the incising headwaters creek channel and then longer cuttings were woven between the vertical cuttings and inserted in both banks. Willow Burrito BDA: “Willow burritos”, an alternate BDA approach first conceived at this site, were constructed in variable sizes to custom fit the selected locations of the incising channel. They were created using coconut coir erosion control fabric, willow cuttings and organic matter rolled up into a very large "biolog" and then keyed into the channel banks in 4 locations. Additional willow cuttings were installed adjacent to the features to assist in securing the keys and naturalizing the features within the landscape.

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This project needs a nice cover photo

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