Blue Heron Nature Preserve - Emma Stream and Floodplain Restoration


Mill Creek

Nancy Creek

Jun. 01, 2015



Project Goals and Objectives

The goals of this project are to 1) improve water quality in Nancy Creek, 2) reconnect the floodplain from an incised, artificially channelized stream 3) provide habitat for beaver re-establishment 4) improve instream habitat in a structurally starved system 5) educate citizens about beaver and process-based restoration at the nature preserve

Structure Construction Elements

Construction began in 2015 with a single channel-spanning BDA built by volunteers. Four additional structures were built in 2018. 13 BDAs, bank PALs, and mid-channel PALs were installed or repaired in 2020 through the assistance of a 319(h) grant from Georgia EPD and US EPA.

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