Norman Fry


Sheep Creek

Poudre River Watershed

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Aug. 15, 2023



Project Goals and Objectives

Provide opportunities for sediment storage, water quality improvements, and enhanced riparian areas Decrease water quality degradation due to excess sediment entering the stream system Use low-tech process-based restoration techniques to meet the project objectives

Structure Construction Elements

Log Structures (36) – On-site large woody material was strategically placed and interlocked in the channel and on the streambed to initiate and simulate natural wood accumulation. Log Structures provide opportunity for sediment storage behind the structures while promoting floodplain connectivity, additional wood recruitment, aquatic habitat complexity, and riparian health. Riparian Revegetation - Recovery of riparian ecosystems is vital to improving water quality. Establishing woody riparian vegetation, primarily willows, increases the capacity for sediment storage, nutrient uptake, and habitat complexity in riparian and aquatic ecosystems. These willows were incorporated into the log structures to provide additional support.

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